The Online Scheduler

If you are NEW please call me at 614-595-6098 before using the online scheduler so that we can give you all the necessary information you need for your first appointment.

If you  are an existing patient, be sure that we have your correct email address (this will be your username for the online scheduler) and I will set you up with a temporary password for your first log in.

How to use the online scheduler:

1- Look for the link to the online scheduler at the top right corner of our website’s home page, or at the top of the page “About your Appointment”. You can bookmark our scheduler with this link.

2- Log in using your email address as your username and the temporary password that we have set up for you.

NOTE: your email address must match the one we have entered for you or you will create a patient duplicate in our system. Call us for the temporary password if you have forgotten it.

Click here to go to the online scheduler.


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